Like your dad.

His real name is Armand Charpentier and like the Rocket From the Crypt song, he was ‘Born in ’69‘.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Made his way to Kingston, NY, and just recently abandoned the Hudson Valley for the idyllic Winston-Salem area of North Carolina.

When he isn’t posting blogs about how often he scratches his nuts, or how sweaty they get while he writes in the heat, he looks for a paying job while writing, and working the “Fucking Internets”.

Ill-Literati is the webhole he uses for essays and micro-fiction. So that’s what you’ll find here. Really weird, short crappy stories and essays on the subhuman condition.

You’ll also find one of his most popular blog posts ever. It’s a link to download Blue Microphones High Gain Firmware for older versions of the Snowball USB Mic. Not found elsewhere on the fucking internets (at least, I haven’t found it).

He is the Host of the daily music podcast Terminal Signal, co-host of the geek/pop-culture podcast Not the Show, and a regular co-host on the Stephen King podcast Discordia.

He creates new blogs at whim, with grand designs for their future and quickly abandons them. He’s like your dad in that way. But you love your dad, right?

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