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The gun was cold in his hands, and he wanted to warm them.

He had been waiting in the alley for nearly four hours.  The moon, once large on the horizon was now just a small dot over his head, the signal it sent him weak but still present.  A newspaper rustled in a sudden breeze, brushing against his foot.  He glanced at it, but he could no longer read the words and all of the pictures seemed alien to him.  He shifted the gun to one hand, reached down and picked up the large wax-paper cup he had reclaimed from the mesh can on the street, sipped the cold ice-melt-still faint with sugary orange flavor-and grinned as the ice shifted.  He felt a kinship to the ice, more than he had ever felt with the dumb animals he shared the world with. He set the cup back down and held the gun with both hands again.

“Soon?” he asked, tilting his head back to see the small silver disk slowly slide across the night.

Soon, it answered.  Be ready.

He heard the clicking of the heels first, followed by the softer thudding of well-made shoes.  He felt a little sorry for them, knowing that they would not understand.  Could not understand.  The firm cold glaciers of their lives moving so slowly and steadily, that they did not recognize change until they dropped off the edge and plunged into an ocean of chaos.

The ice shifted again, making a new pattern as it lost cohesion.

They would not understand.

The gun was cold in his hands, and he wanted to warm them.

A disturbing first piece of Micro-Fiction.  I really thought things would start out with some humor.  I guess the Joke is on me.  – AB

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