True Tales of Laser Beams

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“I thought that being a laser gunner would have been more fun,” Harraty whined.

Doughtry looked over at Harraty. “What did you expect?”

“Well, you know. I thought it would be like ‘Pew! Pew!’ Like Star Wars and stuff.”

Doughtry sighed. All of the new gunners felt the same way. They didn’t understand that firing a sustained beam of invisible light from their small satellite at a target on earth, causing it to burn away was as close to science fiction as they were going to get. They didn’t understand how cool this really was.

“I mean, you can’t even see the target,” Harraty continued. “It’s just a bunch of numbers on this console. And then you press this button and wait until the numbers reach zero. Then you press this button to stop it. It’s just boring.”

“You’re in space,” Doughtry said. “Firing a laser beam at targets hundreds of miles away. Keeping the world safe for democracy. And you’re bored?”

“Well, yeah.”

“How’s this then?” Doughtry said as he pulled his side-arm and fired at Harraty. The pulse pistol went ‘Pew! Pew!’ as two red bolts burst from the gun and burned holes in Harraty’s legs.

“Ahh! Ouch!” Harraty cried. “That’s more like it.”

Give me a break. I just started doing this shit again. 


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2 Responses to True Tales of Laser Beams

  1. Brandonicus says:

    Funny. Mostly funny that we live everyday what Sci Fi writers dreamed about just 100 years ago. So what will seem common place 100 years from now.

  2. AngryBob says:

    Thanks, Brandonicus!

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